In an August 22, 2017 Release (2017JTT0137-001468) it was noted that $1,500 grants were being offered to help resume operations for those affected by BC wildfires. Eligible organizations include small businesses, First Nations, and non-profits located in certain areas. For further details on qualification, or to apply for a grant, visit Applicants have until October 31, 2017 to apply.


In  an August 22, 2017  Release  (2017JTT0137-001468) it  was noted that $1,500 grants  were being offered to help resume operations  for those affected  by  BC  wildfires.   Eligible  organizations  include  small businesses, First Nations, and  non-profits  located in certain areas. For  further  details  on  qualification,  or  to  apply  for  a  grant,  visit Applicants have until October 31, 2017 to apply. 

ONTARIO  BASIC  INCOME  PILOT    SOCIAL ASSISTANCE The  Ontario  Basic  Income  Pilot,  lasting  3  years,  will  include  lower income participants chosen at random from certain areas in Ontario (Hamilton,  Thunder  Bay,  and  Lindsay),  and  will  be  restricted  to  those between the  ages of 18 and 64. Monthly basic income payments will be responsive  to  changes  in  one’s  income,  family  composition,  and disability status. In a June 26, 2017 Technical Interpretation (2017-0704801E5, Wirag, Eric), CRA noted that the payments are based on an income  test,  and  therefore  constitute  social  assistance  payments(Paragraph 56(1)(u)). Social assistance payments are generally required to be included in an income tax return, however, may also be deductible (Paragraph 110(1)(f)). 

CANADA/U.S. BORDER TRACKING In an August 31, 2017 Canadian Press article (Ottawa sharing info with U.S. Homeland security on all Americans entering Canada, Jim Bronskill) it was noted that  data will be shared between Canada and the U.S.which includes a traveller’s name,  nationality,  date of birth, gender, the country that issued the travel document, and  date and time of crossing. The first phase of the project did not include the exchange of information on citizens of either country (only permanent residents, foreign nationals etc.). As an interim step, an agreement was signed which now allows Canada  to supply information to the U.S. regarding American citizens. The Bill to permit the U.S. to share information on Canadian citizens  is currently at second reading in the Senate.