Tax Tip:  Canada Job Grant

This Grant is available to employers to help train new or existing employees for jobs that need to be filled. The program is not restricted to technical training, but is also open to professional and management development. Two-thirds of the cost of the training, to a maximum government contribution of $10,000 per employee application, is available. The Grant must be reported as revenue on the employer’s tax return. This program is available to most sizes of employers. The application, however, must generally be approved prior to engaging in the training program.

As the Grant is administered at the provincial/territorial level, there are differences in administration and eligibility rules across the country. Some of the aspects which may vary include:

  • whether the training must result in a credential;
  • whether the program must last a minimum number of hours;
  • whether salaries paid to participants may count towards the employer’s share;
  • whether the training must be incremental to normal training programs;
  • the funding limit per organization;
  • what costs qualify (tuition, books, travel etc.); and,
  • whether the individual has to be an employee before and after the application.

The Grant is available in most provinces and territories across the country (except for Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nunavut, as of the date of publication).,

Action Item: As there are limited government funds allocated to the program annually, ensure to apply for funding before the money runs out!