File Manager

Our File Manager helps you maintain paperless office. Easy Storage, organize, retrieval, share & transfer documents.

This is a computer program that features easy storage, access and retrieval of documents and helps you maintain an organized paperless office. For the clients that we determine will benefit from this program we will provide a license, free of charge. We will also provide a reasonable amount of free training for the use of this program. This program is designed to provide a logical storage system for your documents and also assists in transferring these documents to us for processing when necessary.

Features of File Manager

  • Secure file manager with user id and password
  • Create staff user accounts
  • Manage staff user accounts
  • Create folders & Sub folders as per your preference
  • Scan files to inbox
  • Re-organize scanned pages by splitting and merging
  • Re-arrange pages
  • Split a document into multiple documents
  • Share documents
    • Between staff members
    • With accounting office
  • Easy document search features
    • Search by document name
    • Search between two dates
    • Documents containing specific text
  • Easy drag and drop files in to folders
  • Rename files
  • Organize files into specific folders
  • Email documents
  • Annotate documents
    • Add stamps such as ‘Approve’ , ‘Reject’ , etc.
    • Add notes,
    • Add comments, etc.,
  • Auditing – See who accessed & when accessed

Easy File Storage Process

Setup Process